Benchmark Workshops

Numerical analysis is a powerful tool for assessment, design, etc. of dams. The finite element method has been used for more than 60 years. However, it is the vast development of computer hardware and software over the last decades has made it possible for computer-based methods to be widespread as tools, as they are today.

The Benchmark Concept

The Benchmark sets a framework for Engineers, Owners and Researchers to perform and share their experiences for predefined themes, as follows:

Before the workshop

  • Organizers formulate “problems” for comparative analysis by participants
  • Participant declare they intention to prepare a “reply”
  • Participants download the basic data available online
  • Participants submit their reply to the problem
  • Organizers prepare a reference reply and a summary report of all contributions.

Additionally, an open theme addressing the safety evaluation of dams or general topics regarding numerical analysis of dams is always a part of the Benchmark Workshop.

During the workshop

  • Participants present their replies;
  • Organizers present a reference reply & a summary of all contributions.

After the workshop, a compilation of the contributions and the wrap-up report is published online.